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Alzex Personal Finance Pro 5.9

Alzex Personal Finance Pro is an elegant, super-easy home finance tool
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This application can help you manage your finances. This way, you will be in perfect control of the financial status by keeping an updated record of your expenses and incomes. Moreover, it lets you use categories, such as food, transportation and schooling, or even create completely customized ones. Additionally, categories can include sub-categories so that you can have a detailed info about your budget.

This tool has an intuitive and elegant interface. The use of tabs helps compartmentalize information to let you enter data and view reports. In addition, you can start by using basic features and then move on to more complex ones. The available features include scheduling regular incomes and expenses, using calendars, creating budgets, and managing loans.

All in all, Personal Finances is a really helpful application. Fortunately, it supports a very long list of currencies and sets exchange rates for them. Moreover, you can easily download current exchange rates from the Internet. The application can run from a USB drive and it allows you to create multiple separate databases and accounts, as it is necessary in case of multiple users. It is also available in multiple languages. Unfortunately, the trial version shows irritating screens frequently.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice and intuitive interface
  • It supports multiple databases and accounts
  • It lets you use various currencies and exchange rates
  • It allows you to create customize categories


  • The trial version shows irritating screens too frequently
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